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Ex-doctor George Blatti sentenced to 5-15 years for role in deaths of 5 patients on Long Island

George Blatti sentenced to 5-15 years for role in deaths of 5 patients on Long Island
George Blatti sentenced to 5-15 years for role in deaths of 5 patients on Long Island 01:57

MINEOLA, N.Y. -- A Long Island doctor ignored repeated warnings, yet continued to prescribe massive quantities of opioids that killed five of his patients.

CBS New York was in court Monday for the emotional sentencing of George Blatti.

"Life has been tough. I mean, raising two children, knowing their dad died is not easy" said Valerie Kinzer, a wife of one of the victims.

Ten family members left court in tears after having come face to face with someone they call a serial-killing medicine man at his sentencing in a Mineola Criminal Courtroom.

Blatti, who is now 78 years old, was given to five to 15 years in prison, following a plea deal.

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In this unprecedented case, he was the first New York state to be charged with depraved indifference to human life. The murder charge was later reduced to five counts of manslaughter.

"He deserves more, but I'm happy with the turnout," Kinzer said.

Five innocent victims who were struggling with acute post-surgery pain needed help, but instead got a deadly cocktail of pills by the thousands.

Blatti would write prescriptions in his car outside a donut shop and a hotel in Rockville Centre and then sell them out of a makeshift office in a former Radio Shack in Franklin Square.

"I saw people going in there, but I thought he was an M.D.," one merchant said.

Prosecutors said patients lined up at his car and jumped in and out of the passenger's seat for a script. Others Blatti never even met.

All told, nearly 2 million opioid and amphetamine prescriptions were given for cash.

Blatti never looked at the victims' families as they addressed him in court. He was given a change to apologize, but did not, sparking anger.

"Doctors who prey on the sick people like this are disgusting human beings," a niece of one of the victims said.

Blatti is no longer a licensed physician. His prescription pad no longer exists. As he heads off to prison, the victims' families say they hope nd pray that their closure can now begin.

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