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Gas Prices Rise Again, But Public Consumption Drops

YONKERS, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) -- The new work week is off and running with more pain at the pump.

Gas prices jumped again, up more than a dollar a gallon from a year ago.

Magee Hickey patrolled Yonkers neighborhoods on Monday in CBS 2's exclusive Mobile 2 unit tracking the prices and the frustration.

Grisel Santiago is worrying about summer gas prices. This Bronx resident is hoping to take her family of five on a surprise road trip in July. But since she has no idea what prices will be like in a few months, she's economizing every which way she can now.

"It's ridiculous. We cut back on everything -- even toilet paper, 16 rolls for $20. Buy less and less than what you use to get," Santiago said.

In the last two weeks, gas prices across the United States have jumped about 12 cents a gallon for regular. In the tri-state area, New Jersey is always the lowest. The latest numbers are $3.76 for regular. Connecticut is next with a statewide average of $4.15 and New York State is just a penny more.

At an Upper West Side station where regular gas is now close to $4.50, people were putting in just enough to get to a cheaper station.

"I'd rather get it cheaper in New Jersey," Brooklyn resident Manny Tsontakis said, when asked why he only pumped $10 worth.

And Americans are already starting to conserve, reportedly using 1.6 percent less gasoline than a year ago.

But why on one strip in Yonkers, where there are three gas stations with three very different prices -- the most being $4.35 for regular and the least at $4.19, are there any takers at all at the most expensive place? Clearly it's capitalism at work and what the market will bear.

"Because we are full service. We here 23 years. People like us," station owner Vitu Kumar said.

"I try to use just one gas station with this kind of car. My husband says use this. It's quality I'm looking for," Mobil customer Ruth Dempster said.

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