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New Body Cam Video Shows More Of Gabby Petito's Encounter With Utah Police

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- Additional body camera video has been released from the day Gabby Petito and her fiancé Brian Laundrie were pulled over by police in Utah.

An officer can be heard asking Petito about marks on her body and a report from witnesses who said Laundie hit her.

"Is there something on your cheek here? Looks like. Did you get, did you get hit in the face? Kind of looks like something like hit you in the face? And over on your arm, your shoulder, right here, that's new? That's kind of a new mark?" the officer asks.

"Um yeah, I don't know," Petito replies.

"Can I see the other side of your face? So what happened here and here?" the officer asks.

"I'm not sure. It happened really fast. I was just trying to get in the back of the car and his backpack fell back and got me," Petito says.

"So the backpack got you? So there's two people that came to us and told us that they saw him hit you. There's two people saying that they saw him punch you. Just independent witnesses by Moonflower," the officer says.

"Well, to be honest, I definitely hit him first," she says.

"Where'd you hit him?" the officer asks.

"I slapped him in the face," Petito says.

"You slapped him first? And just on his face?" the officer says.

"Well, he kept telling me to shut up," she says.

"How many times did you slap him?" the officer asks.

"Just a couple," Petito says.

"And then his reaction was to do what?" the officer asks.

"Grabbed my arm and told me to stop slapping him," Petito says.

"He just grabbed you?" the officer says.

"Yeah," Petito says.

"Did he, did he hit you though? I mean, I mean it's OK if you're saying you hit him. I understand if he hit you, but we want to know the truth if he actually hit you. Because you know," the officer says.

"I guess. I guess. Yeah, but I hit him first," Petito says.

"Where did he hit you? Don't worry, just hang on," the officer says.

"Well, he, like, grabbed my face, just like, I guess. He didn't like hit me in the face. Like he didn't, like, punch me in the face or anything," Petito says.

"Did he slap your face or what?" the officer says.

"He grabbed me with his nail, and I guess that's why it looks... I definitely have a cut right here. I can feel it. When I touch it, it burns," she says.

Officers told the couple to split up for the night. An internal investigation is underway into how the officers handled the stop.

Meanwhile, the search for Laundrie continues. FBI agents visited his Florida home Thursday and were seen entering a camper parked on the property.

The Laundrie' family attorney said the FBI collected some of his personal items, which could help with the search. He hasn't been seen since September 14.

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