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Future voters learn about the importance of Presidents Day, and making choices, at Stepping Stones Museum in Norwalk

Youngsters learn about the importance of Presidents Day at popular Norwalk museum
Youngsters learn about the importance of Presidents Day at popular Norwalk museum 01:52

NORWALK, Conn. -- Most schools across the region were closed Monday for Presidents Day, but there was plenty of learning going on about America's chief executives and our democracy.

As this holiday goes, a guest of honor doesn't get much better than "Honest Abe," Abraham Lincoln.

"When I was born, do you think I was wearing this stovepipe hat?," actor Lou Del Bianco said.

Del Bianco delighted dozens of young presidential scholars with tales from the life of Lincoln, including one centered on an image-savvy youngster.

"A little girl, 11 years old, named Grace Bedell wrote a letter to him when he was running for president. He was clean shaven at the time and she told him to grow a beard, and he did!" Del Bianco said.

Throughout the Stepping Stones Museum for Children in Norwalk, Presidents Day gets its due.

This year is an election year. The country will be making some big choices this fall. On Monday at Stepping Stones, kids were making some choices of their own.

While filling out his ballot, 6-year-old Nathan Sarasola got to choose between fruit juice or chocolate milk, and a firefighter or police officer. His mother said it was all part of a lesson on civic engagement.

"We drove about two hours here so we could have them experience and think about, what are the choices that we have, and the value of one. The vote of one is very important," Gleides Rizzi said.

"It's about voting, what you would like! Making choices!" 5-year-old Kamilah Napol said.

"We want their voice to be heard. So I feel like it starts at a young age and will continue on as she gets older," father Derrick Napol added.

The third Monday in February is a day to say hail to the chief.

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