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Funeral Held For Marisha Cheong, A Week After Her Body Washed Up On Beach

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- Marisha Cheong went missing without a trace, and two months later with her body tragically found, her family said goodbye.

As CBS 2's Alice Gainer reported, Cheong's remains were the remains of Cheong, 24, washed ashore in Queens a week ago Saturday, clad in pajamas with her hands bound with green rope.

Police this weekend were still trying to zero in on her killer.

The funeral was held Saturday in South Ozone Park, Queens. But Cheong's family was not in any way at peace, since there were still so many questions surrounding her murder.

Cheong disappeared on Dec. 19 from the Jamaica, Queens, home she shared with her boyfriend – L.J. Balkaran, 26.

Earlier this week, her mother, Bibi Ali, gave CBS 2 an exclusive update on the case, as police focus on a close female acquaintance of the victim's boyfriend as a possible suspect.

"I keep hearing the name coming up in the investigation," Ali told CBS 2's Tony Aiello exclusively on Tuesday.

The acquaintance may have been caught on surveillance camera, positioned at a home across the street.

Police said the surveillance video shows a person escorting Cheong out of the home she shared with Balkaran.

"Maybe he used some kind of force to bring her out," Ali said.

Ali said that might be the reason why Cheong was in pajamas and didn't have her coat.

Ali had a message for whoever is responsible.

"I want you to come forward and tell what you know," she said. "Think about my pain. Think if it was your mother."

Ali knows the NYPD is working relentlessly to find who killed her daughter and solve the mystery that has forever changed her life.

Police said the victim's remains showed signs of numerous injuries. The Medical Examiner has not yet been able to pinpoint a cause of death.

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