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Funeral Held For Mother And Son Killed In Manorville Car Crash

MEDFORD, N.Y. (CBS 2) -- An emotional race track tribute was held Monday for a little boy and his mother on Long Island. Both were in a horrible car accident that stunned close-knit Manorville.

Jason Trinca was near collapse as he was led out the church from the double funeral of his beloved wife, Keri, and their precious 7-year-old son, Jason Jr.

Emotions ran wild as relatives and friends sobbed.

"They were two very special people. It was a loving family, a caring family," said Jason's uncle, Paul Contone.

Loved ones said Jason -- now a widower -- must somehow muster the strength to raise the two little-ones left alone. Christopher, 2, and Maria, 4, were the only survivors of the violent car crash.

"This has certainly been a very difficult tragedy, but it's been beautiful to see how the entire community has come together in support and prayer," Father Walter Kedjierski, the priest of St. John the Evangelist, said.

When their car was broadsided by a van, Keri and the kids were on their way to Riverhead Raceway, where 7-year-old Jason was a passionate and winning go-kart enthusiast.

Jason wore number 48 and Monday, the racing community held a vigil at the track. The checkered flag waved Jason's hearse in a gesture of love and admiration.

There wasn't a dry eye around.

"Very emotional. My little boys are friends with them, they go to racetrack all the time," said one woman attending the funeral.

"To go through this is very painful right now," said another woman.

The two youngest, who were critically injured, could not attend the funerals. But on Friday, Christopher appeared with his dad at the hospital, who called the 2-year-old's recovery "a miracle."

Hundreds from the community attended the funeral, raceway memorial and burials. The priest now reminding them to continue their support and love for Jason and the surviving children in the months and years to come.

A memorial trust fund has been set up for the Trinca children. Police said the cause of the crash is still under investigation, and no charges have been filed.

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