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Frustrated residents sound off after dozens of cars have tires slashed in Bayside, Queens

NYPD investigating after more than 40 cars have tires slashed in Queens
NYPD investigating after more than 40 cars have tires slashed in Queens 01:58

NEW YORK -- The NYPD is trying to track down whoever is responsible for slashing the tires on dozens of cars in a Queens community during the overnight hours from Saturday into Sunday.

CBS2's Jenna DeAngelis spoke to frustrated residents in Bayside.

"It's the last thing you want to wake up to on a Sunday morning are two flat tires completely to the ground," Michelle Weinfurt said.

But that's the unfortunate way Weinfurt started her day, and she quickly learned she wasn't alone.

"Saw a whole bunch of other people with their tires that were low to the ground, so right away I knew they were slashed," Weinfurt said.

She was also greeted by police officers who were going up and down 42nd Avenue and neighboring streets and discovered 44 cars with punctured tires.

Some immediately removed the vandalized tires. Others were out trying to fix the cars, themselves.

One father said he determined his best option was get his car towed.

"I found the three tires on the floor. I just bought them new like six months ago for $700. I have to replace them again," Samy Elmasryn said.

It apparently was not the first time vandalism like that happened in the community. Betty Thomas said her son-in-law's tires were slashed last week in the same area.

"I think the police have to come out at night and put them around somewhere where these things happen and catch them," Thomas said.

Meanwhile, Weinfurt needs her car for work and immediately took it to get fixed. She spent her Sunday and money in a way she wasn't expecting.

"All together it was $600 for two new tires, an alignment, as well as a tow truck," Weinfurt said. "I really hope they find whoever did this because it's just not okay. I mean, coming around and vandalizing 40-something cars. We live here. We have no other place to park and it's just really, really frustrating."

That's one thing many pointed out, with street parking being their parking option, they're just left hoping it doesn't happen again.

Police have not yet released a description of the person or people responsible, but neighbors said they'll be on the lookout.

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