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Friday Night Fights: Westchester High School Football Games Marred By Over-The-Top Fan Behavior

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- An American tradition has turned violent in Westchester County, where high school football games have ended recently with injuries caused by celebrations gone wild.

It began with a Friday brawl; more than a dozen kids pummeled three Sleepy Hollow junior varsity football players following Sleepy Hollow's victory over Ossining, according to police.

"Some kids came running from behind them, knocked them down, got them from behind, started hitting and kicking them in the face," a witness named "Pete" told CBS 2's Dick Brennan on Monday.

The attackers took off after onlookers started screaming, witnesses said.

Authorities told CBS 2 that all three Sleepy Hollow players were injured in the attack.

"One student suffered a concussion, all suffered bruises from the kicks and punches," said Lt. William Sullivan of the Ossining Police Department.

Following a matchup between rivals Rye and Harrison, trash talk among fans turned into a postgame melee when Harrison won and the team jumped into the Rye High School brook.

Hometown players and fans were infuriated.

"It just escalated from there, it became one massive brawl," Harrison sophomore David Tolve said.

Up to 200 people were involved in the scuffle and an army of cops had to be called in to break it up.

"There was one arrest and one minor injury," Rye Police Commissioner William Connors said.

Rye residents told CBS 2 that after police stepped in some Harrison fans took to the streets, once again forcing authorities to remind fans that it's only a game.

"Sometimes people lose track of the values of civility and sportsmanship," Commissioner Connors said.

Authorities are still looking for leads in the beating of the three Sleepy Hollow teens.

Have you ever witnessed fans going wild at a high school athletic event? Share your story in our comments section below...

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