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Francesa: Giants Must Trade For Offensive Line Help Before Season Slips Away

NEW YORK (WFAN) -- If the Giants hope to salvage this season, they must act fast to make a trade along the offensive line, WFAN's Mike Francesa said Tuesday.

A day after the Giants lost their home opener to the Lions 24-10, Francesa said no one on the offense was blameless, but he saved his harshest criticism for the "inept" offensive line.

"Listen, this goes from the general manager right through the assistant coaches," Francesa said. "They had a problem on the offensive line. They didn't address the problem correctly from a personnel standpoint, neither in free agency or the draft. They have not dealt with it from a head-coaching standpoint. They have not dealt with it from a coordinator standpoint. They have not dealt with it from a position standpoint. Now they have a colossal mess."

Francesa said left tackle Ereck Flowers "has no idea what he's doing and has regressed to the point where it is just an utter embarrassment."

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Quarterback Eli Manning was sacked five times in the game.

"And here's the one problem: Detroit doesn't have a big pass rush," Francesa said. "Wait till you get a team that does. And wait till you get them in a noisy building. They'll have Eli in a bodybag."

Francesa said the Giants cannot put the same offensive linemen on the field each week and expect different results.

"I think before this season disinegrates, you have to be basically scouring the rosters of the poor teams in this league and see if you can do anything to make a trade," he said. "And I'm never a proponent of in-season trades, but if they don't make a trade and give up a draft pick to get a reasonable body in there that can play tackle, they are not going to fix this offensive line problem this year.

"It cannot continue. Otherwise this season will be gone before you snap your fingers. So mess up your hair and figure something out," Francesa said, a reference to coach Ben McAdoo's new slicked-back hairstyle.

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