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Former NYPD Officer Joseph Recca Sentenced To 5 Years For Selling Fentanyl That Caused Fatal Overdose

RIVERHEAD, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) - A former NYPD officer pleaded guilty to manslaughter and other charges, for selling fentanyl that caused a fatal overdose.

His five year prison sentence is not enough, according to the victim's family.

As CBS2's Jennifer McLogan reports, there were tears Monday outside a Riverhead courtroom, moments after the victim's mother broke down during emotional remarks to the man who provided the fatal overdose to her son while serving as an NYPD cop.

"He hid behind a badge, and at the same time was selling a weapon of mass destruction, fentanyl," Jessica Bornschein said.

Jessica's son Ryan Bornschein, 28, grew up in West Babylon. attended Suffolk Community College and then, prosecutors said, met officer Joseph Recca.

"What makes this case unique and particularly troubling is the fact that he was selling drugs while also serving as a police officer," said Suffolk County District Attorney Timothy Sini.

Ryan's parents and only sibling say the former cop has destroyed their family.

"My brother was the best, he was my best friend. With your loved ones, take the time to appreciate them," Christopher Bornschein said.

A group of Long Island mothers who lost their children to opioid overdose stood in solidarity.

"These children don't have a fighting chance with all this lethal stuff they are doing," said Jackie Bonasera, whose daughter died due to an overdose.

"And we have to go to the graveyard to visit our children and it's an outrage." said Denise Rakamaric, whose son died due to an overdose.

The guilty plea was to manslaughter. The sentence: Five years in prison.

"The state legislature and the governor need to sign into law a death by dealer statute. How many people need to die before we pass common sense legislation?" Sini said.

The bill would punish drug dealers. not drug users. If selling drugs and death results, the peddler would be held responsible, and could be charged with murder.

"This is an epidemic. We are losing a whole generation because of this," said Janet D'Agostino, a mother of an overdose victim.

Recca's attorney claims he was a good cop by day and a bad cop by night.

"He said to the judge, his last words were, 'Put me where I belong, in jail,'" said defense attorney Matthew Rosenblum.

"Who knows how many more died before my son, and after," Jessica Bornschein said.

Stashes of fentanyl tablets and thousands in cash were found hidden in the dashboard of Recca's car.

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