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Former Mayor Giuliani Pens Letter With Mayor De Blasio Seeking Continued Mayoral Control Over NYC's Schools

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- Some may call it an unlikely alliance, but former Mayor Rudolph Giuliani is teaming up with Mayor Bill de Blasio.

The two have put aside their numerous differences to write a letter supporting an extension of the law granting the mayor full control over New York City's school system.

The joint letter to Gov. Andrew Cuomo and state lawmakers calls for renewal of mayoral control without delay.

Former Mayor Giuliani Pens Letter With Mayor De Blasio Seeking Continued Mayoral Control Over NYC's Schools

The letter touts mayoral control as providing much-needed accountability for the city's public school system, calling it "proven reform with broad support among parents, educators and officials from all ends of the spectrum."

"Mayoral control provides parents and taxpayers alike with a clear answer on who to hold responsible for the academic performance for our children," the mayors wrote. "It enables the elected mayor to enact innovative new policies and make vital changes, while also empowering local communities through Community and Citywide Education Councils and the Panel for Educational Policy."

The two acknowledge their disagreements on other issues.

"It is no secret that the two of us disagree on a great many things," they wrote. "But we both know that mayoral control of the public school system ensures direct accountability and is absolutely essential for the future progress and development of New York City schools."

De Blasio said Monday that "some things transcend partisanship."

"I think that we did this very explicitly to show that two people who often disagree are unified when it comes to mayoral control," de Blasio told WCBS 880's Rich Lamb.

Click here to read the complete letter.

Separately, more than 37,000 families have signed up for de Blasio's universal prekindergarten program in the first week of enrollment, the city said. That amounts to half the de Blasio administration's goal of 70,000, 1010 WINS reported.

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