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Flyers Posted Throughout Chelsea Tell Tourists How To Behave Around High Line

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- Flyers telling tourists how to behave are sending shock waves through one Manhattan neighborhood.

Posted prominently on Chelsea streets in the 20s and 30s are mysterious flyers, calling on all High Line tourists to only walk in groups limited to two on the sidewalk, and to refrain from taking pictures.

A resident put them up, but his own neighbors said they disagree.

"This is ridiculous," West Chelsea resident Jack Jackson told CBS 2's Ann Mercogliano. "This is New York City. If you want space, go to the country."

Still, the man posting the flyers wants tourists to mind their manners.

The flyers, among other things, say:

- Do not sit on the stoops of buildings, or take pictures of and film buildings or residents.

- Observe New York sidewalk etiquette. Do not walk more than two people in a row down the sidewalk.

- If you see an empty space, leave it empty. Otherwise there will be no spaces for New Yorkers.

As for the author? CBS 2 spoke to him by phone, and while he said that he wishes to remain anonymous, he is still trying to get his point across.

"I think it's very sad," said Geoffrey Croft, President of the NYC Parks Advocates. "This is not what New York City is supposed to be about."

Tourists flock to the West 20s section of the High Line, but unlike other parts adjoining mostly businesses, underneath this area are many homes.

So the mystery man is not alone in his concern.

"Prior to the High Line this was a nice, quiet block," West Chelsea resident Charles Rosenblum explained. "I don't exactly enjoy clusters of tourists that hang out on my street."

As for German tourists' response to the flyers? Well, they simply laughed.

"This is New York, this is the USA," one tourist said. "You have to live with the situation."

But another man said that it's about time someone sent a message like this.

"I think this is called civility," the man said as he examined the flyer.

It's civility to some, but just plain rudeness to others.

Also on the flyers is a note that reads, "If you do not speak English, please have someone translate."

CBS 2 reached out to the New York City Department of Parks  & Recreation in regard to the matter, and the organization said that it had no comment.

What is your take on this? Does this frustrated resident have a point, or are these flyers completely obnoxious? Offer your thoughts and comments in the section below...

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