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Floyd Mayweather: 'What I'll Miss Most Is All The Jealous Haters'

By Ryan Mayer, CBS Local Sports

Floyd "Money" Mayweather has been training for what he's said will be the last fight of his career against Andre Berto on Saturday, September 12 on Showtime.  As a part of that training, Mayweather allowed a rare level of access to the media, for the first time allowing them to film one of his sparring sessions in the lead-up to the fight.

Mayweather's response when asked why he allowed such access? "I just said, f*** it. That was personal footage that I was saving for myself, but since this is the last hurrah, why not let the media see it," said Mayweather. "I already know what I got, what I bring to the table I know I'm skillful."

Floyd enters this final fight with a career record of 48-0-0 seeking to tie Rocky Marciano's 49-0-0 career mark with a win against Berto. Does that give the fight any more meaning for Floyd? He says it's no more important than any of the other 48 fights it took to get here.

"Well, every fight is important to me," said Mayweather. "To get to 49, all 48 had to be very important to me for me to get to 49."

With that in mind, Mayweather faces an opponent who he's never seen before in Berto who enters with a career 30-3 record. Despite never having fought Berto before, Mayweather says that won't change his approach.

"I approach every fight the same," said Mayweather. "Berto's a counter-puncher, he's a boxer like myself. You got two guys that's counter-punchers and boxers, you don't come straight ahead."

Considering that this will be his final fight, Mayweather took some time to think about what he would miss most about boxing after he's done following the bout on September 12. His answer was simple: the haters.

"What I will miss most about the sport...the haters," said Mayweather. "I will miss all the jealous haters."

One thing is for sure, Mayweather seems to be plenty loose as he prepares for the final and perhaps biggest fight (with respect to history) in his career.

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