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Fit Minute: Tough Mother

NEW YORK (WLNY) -- Celebrity trainer Adam Rosante from The People's Bootcamp stopped by for Tuesday's Fit Minute.

Pregnant women are no strangers to carting around a little extra weight. But soon, you'll be using a host of muscles to lift and hold your newborn, not to mention hauling around all of their stuff. This move strengthens the muscles you'll use most post-delivery, prepping you to tackle the physical challenges that await you as a new mom.

The Move: Tough Mother

Stand with feet about shoulder width apart, dumbbells by your sides. Push your hips back to lower into a semi-squat. From here, extend your left arm overhead and your right arm behind you. Return to start. Repeat on opposite side. Return to start. Now, lift both arms overhead at the same time and then lower slowly behind you. Return arms to sides as you stand tall. That's 1 rep. Continue repeating the motion for your full Fit Minute.


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