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The First Day Of Pre-K In The Big City, Through The Eyes Of One 3-Year-Old

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork)-- The first day of school can be an anxious time for both students and parents, especially parents of small children.

Letting go can be hard, but little ones learn to adjust to change quickly. CBS2's Hazel Sanchez shared her experience on her daughter's first day of school.

The day started much too early for 3-year-old Avery.

"I want to go to school now!" she said before entering pre-k.

Her anxiousness was perhaps motivated by the prospects of time away from her baby sister's antics.

However, the little go-getter was a bit nervous, going to a new classroom with new teachers and being separated from some of her closest pre-school classmates from last year.

"I want to have Stella, Aviva, Antonio and Xavier to be my friends," she said.

Sanchez explained, "They're still your friends. You'll have new friends this year."

The staff at Dwight School on the Upper West Side said they're always prepared for first day jitters.

"We look at each child as an individual, making sure we meet their needs," Chris Allen of Dwight School said. "If a child needs a little more time with mom or dad or their caregiver at school. That's ok."

With each step toward school, Avery gained confidence, but showed she still needs Mommy and Daddy, at least a little bit.

"I'm going to school and go inside and you leave," the 3-year-old said.

"Are you scared?" Sanchez asked.

"No," she replied.

"Why not?" Sanchez asked.

"Because I love it!" she said.

Sanchez and her husband agreed that they were the ones who were more nervous. As much as they would love to freeze time, a standard family photo is as close as they'll get.  She's a big girl now, jetting into the classroom and never looking back, exploring her new space and making new friends.

"What was your favorite part?" Sanchez asked her daughter.

"My favorite part was the bathroom and eat snacks," Avery said.

She added that her new teachers are "very special" and it was apparent she already formed a special bond with them.

"It was the best day ever!" she said.

You can't start off the school year any better than that.


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