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Firefighter Catches Little Girl Dropped From Balcony During Apartment Fire

1010 WINS-This is the heart-stopping moment a firefighter catches a three-year-old girl who was dropped by her father while trying to escape an apartment fire in DeKalb, Georgia.

The family of twelve were rescued from a fire at Avondale Forest Apartments on January 3rd, but a new helmet-cam video shows the incredible efforts by first responders.

Video posted by the Dekalb County Fire Rescue Department (DCFR) shows firefighters rescuing the trapped occupants from the apartment. In the clip, third generation firefighter Captain Scott Stroup can also be seen catching one of the children who was dropped from a third-floor balcony.

"Great job by all hands operating on this fire as several lifesaving grabs were made that night," the post finishes off.

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DCFR Captain Eric Jackson tells CBS46 that the firefighters made the swift decision to throw the children to safety on the spot, and it is certainly not something they even train for.

"We don't go down to the fire academy and during our training utilize makeshift mannequins and toss them out of a window at will just to see if our firefighters are going to make the catch," said Jackson. "We're a brotherhood, we're a sisterhood and so we depend on each other and a lot of times that dependency comes at an instant so we have to be ready, we have to be able and willing enough to accept what's coming at us."

-Rebecca Zamer/Joe Cingrana

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