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"Fire Country" to premiere on Oct. 7

"Fire Country" to premiere on Oct. 7
"Fire Country" to premiere on Oct. 7 02:09

Max Thieriot stars as Bode Donovan, a young convict seeking redemption and a shortened prison sentence by joining a prison release firefighting program in Northern California where he and other inmates are partnered with elite firefighters to extinguish massive, unpredictable wildfires across the region. 

Actor Max Thieriot on role in "Fire Country" 05:23

It's a high-risk, high-reward assignment, and the heat is turned up when Bode is assigned to the program in his rural hometown, where he was once a golden all-American son until his troubles began. Five years ago, Bode burned down everything in his life, leaving town with a big secret. Now he's back, with the rap sheet of a criminal and the audacity to believe in a chance for redemption with Cal Fire, on the series premiere of FIRE COUNTRY, Friday, Oct. 7 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network and available to stream live and on demand on Paramount+*. Series also stars Billy Burke, Kevin Alejandro, Diane Farr, Stephanie Arcila, Jordan Calloway and Jules Latimer. 


Max Thieriot


Billy Burke


Kevin Alejandro


Diane Farr


Stephanie Arcila


Jordan Calloway


Jules Latimer




Marcelo Arroyo


Michelle Choi-Lee


W. Tre Davis


Aleita Northey


Ty Olsson


Kaylah Zander


STORY BY: Joan Rater, Tony Phelan and Max Thieriot

TELEPLAY BY: Joan Rater and Tony Phelan


DIRECTED BY: James Strong

GENRE: Drama

*Paramount+ Premium subscribers will have access to stream live via the live feed of their local CBS affiliate on the service as well as on demand. Essential-tier subscribers will have access to on-demand the day after the episode airs.

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