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Cops In Ocean County Warn 'Felony Lane Gang' May Be Targeting Unlocked Cars

BRICK TOWNSHIP, N.J. (CBSNewYork) -- Police in an Ocean County town are warning other towns to be on the lookout for suspects thought to be a part of a larger gang organization targeting schools.

As CBS2's Meg Baker reported, parents dropping their kids off at school will have to add locking the door and bringing their purse, to the morning routine.

Police have warned residents that thieves are watching.

"Were observed driving through the parking lot and shortly thereafter one vehicle had a window smashed and another was accessed," Sgt. Neal Pedersen, Brick Police explained.

It happened at the Goddard Pre-School off Drum Point Road.

Two suspects were spotted driving a silver SUV. It's the same vehicle that was spotted at several other schools that same morning between 7:45 and 8:10.

"Perhaps they were targeting, because people do run inside very quickly to drop off kids. They may leave the car on, many leave it open, unlocked, that's something we should discourage," Mayor John Ducey said.

Police said the robberies are part of a bigger crime circle.

"It just started last week, and we suspect this Felony Lane Gang might be responsible, fits the same MO," Sgt. Pedersen said. "That's what they call themselves. They operate throughout the country and move on from town to town, creating havoc where they go."

It's a warning to females -- Felony Lane Gan members canvas areas where women may leave belongings in the car, like their kids sporting events.

Police said the suspects are not only targeting schools -- they've also hit the parking lots of local gyms.

Authorities have reminded residents not to leave electronics, cash, bags, or any personal items visible in their cars. If the suspects don't see anything they're likely to move on.

The vehicle spotted in Brick did not appear to have a front license plate, and the rear windows may have been tinted.

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