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2 Homes Destroyed, 3rd Damaged In Fire, Gas Explosion In Brooklyn, FDNY Says

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- A gas explosion destroyed at least two houses in Brooklyn.

The blast was caught on surveillance video.

As CBS2's Natalie Duddridge reported, fire officials said fortunately no one was hurt, and everyone had been accounted for.

Debris was all that remained is of two Bath Beach homes that were flattened. The side of a third home was torn off and officials said they were trying to save it.

Neighbors told Duddridge they were literally shaken out of their beds early Friday morning.

WATCH: Mayor Adams, FDNY Give Update On Brooklyn Explosion

Surveillance video shows the moment a home exploded at 7 a.m. Friday on Bay 35th and Benson Avenue, sparking a fire that spread to two adjoining houses.

"A loud explosion. I thought it was a car crash, perhaps, at first," one person said. "We saw fire, explosion, a lot of cars, damage."

"I thought at first it was a tremendous, like, two Mack trucks hitting each other head on," resident Jack Newman told CBS2's Thalia Perez. "I could never imagine that it was a house blowing up."

The impact sent a piece of the house flying into a windshield, and blew an air conditioning unit into the back of a car.

"The building that exploded was vacant at the time, unoccupied. In the other two buildings the residents were able to self evacuate," said FDNY First Deputy Commissioner Laura Kavanagh.

In total, six people were left homeless. The Red Cross stepped in to help them with temporary housing.

Mayor Eric Adams was at the scene making remarks as a resident questioned officials, saying tenants have made several complaints about the smell of gas, saying it was especially strong Friday morning.

"Five o'clock, I had the window open, and I smelled the gas... but this time I was feeling even dizzy from the gas," one person said. "We called them so many times. They came, checked, but don't do anything."

"The gas smell no good," said area resident Tommy Nguyen. "I called 911 every single day, but they don't do nothing... the gas company come in, they sit in the car, and talk on the phone, and they left."

Chief Kevin Woods said the FDNY was not aware of any complaints.

"The fire department has not received any calls for a report of gas for that structure," Woods said.

Crews were working to figure out what caused the explosion.

Demolition crews worked for hours Friday evening to clear the site and remove debris.

"Right now the contractors are moving full speed ahead removing debris. There are no reported occupants missing but we are searching through the debris as they remove it," FDNY Battalion 57 Chief Kevin Sullivan said.

Crews planned to work through the night until the site was cleared.

CBS2's Thalia Perez contributed to this report. Editor's note: This story was first published Feb. 4.

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