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Fast, Affordable Beauty Hacks For Better Skin, Brows & Lashes

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- Social media is full of information on the latest beauty hacks from skin, to lips, brows and lashes, but many can be long and expensive processes.

CBS2's Alex Denis found some products and treatments that can give your face a fast fix.

"Here's your custom mixture. It's got Botox in it for your pores. It's got hyaluronic acid to plump up all the skin. You've got some hydrating medications in here. You've got something to treat the acne. You've got something to enhance cell turnover," said plastic surgeon Dr. Norman Rowe.

Rowe has a new approach to rejuvenating skin, dubbed the custom cocktail for your face. In a 20-minute session, patients get the benefits of the most requested skin treatments packed into one vile.

Twenty micro-needles create hundreds of tiny pricks in the top layer of skin, and when the doctor presses against the skin, the formula penetrates.

"It actually feels good," one patient said.

The high-end treatment starts at $1,200.

Rowe says one to two treatments a year will leave skin looking smoother immediately.

"I feel like I don't even need my concealer," the patient added.

Another more affordable, wrinkle-eliminating option is an at-home treatment called Filerina. Beauty expert Cristina Gordon says the needle-free plumping gel promise results in two weeks and last three months.

"The hyaluronic acid molecules will travel into the skin and actually plump the skin from the inside out," she said.

Filerina comes in different strengths and includes specific placement instructions to eliminate fine lines to deep wrinkles. There's even a lip plump and eye cream. Products run anywhere from $75 to $240.

Need help achieving that thick brow look? Try an eyebrow wig, for men and women, made with human hair to create a fuller look.

For $32, you can select the color and shape of your wig. Trim the wig to fit your face, adhere it over your existing brows with the glue provided, and then fill it in.

Give your eyelashes a boost with the newest craze – magnetic lashes.

"Instead of fussing around with glue and then putting the track on, these are actually individuals that are magnets. So you clip them on, and they literately stick together," says Gordon. "This is really a great, fast beauty hack that you can put on in the morning and then head out the door."

Lashes range in price from $10-70 online.

Magnetic lashes are still new to the market, so experts say before you buy, read the reviews to ensure you're buying from a reputable company.

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