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Famous People You Might See At A Tailgate

You typically don't think of an early morning tailgate as an event most celebrities would care to be a part of, but you'd be surprised. There have been tales of actual sightings of some famous faces pre-gaming out in the parking lot, be it for a brief moment or long enough to at least throw back a grilled dog or two. Sure, it's a rare occurrence, but some celebrities are such diehard sports fans that it wouldn't be beyond them to join the rest of us in the tailgating experience. Going off of what we actually know, here are a few celebrities who wouldn't surprise me if they joined in on the tailgating fun.

Will Smith at a Philadelphia Eagles game -- Both Smith's most famous character, the Fresh Prince, and the man himself were born and raised in Philadelphia, and have long been Eagles fans. You typically wouldn't imagine seeing Smith walking among the most diehard fans hours before kickoff, but seeing as he's now a minority stake owner of the currently locked out Philadelphia 76ers, you very well might see him strolling around Lincoln Financial Field trying to earn some goodwill among fans, as well as trying to sell tickets to see his Philadelphia 76ers once the lockout is lifted.

Mark Wahlberg at a Patriots/Red Sox/Celtics game -- It's been well documented that Wahlberg is a man of the people, especially in the Boston-area sports scene. In fact, Wahlberg once relayed to David Letterman a story about how he was jumped by six Jets fans at Medowlands Stadium because he was a Patriots fan. Talk about a passionate celebrity fan, and a mismatch. Your six Jets fans are no match for The Fighter.

Ashton Kutcher at a Chicago Bears game -- Kutcher has never wavered on his love for the Chicago Bears, having been quoted as saying that football Sundays are the "highlight of his week." Even as the rest of the world wants to talk about Kutcher's personal life, all he's thinking throughout the NFL season are his Chicago Bears. Not only might you see Kutcher yucking it up at Soldier Field, but also he's been sighted in and around Lambeau Field since his wife, Demi Moore, is a Packers fan. Consider the NFC North well-represented.

Adam Sandler at a Pittsburgh Steelers game -- Sandler is one of many celebrity Steelers fans, but he's also the one most likely to be throwing back a few dogs and brews with us fans in the parking lot. His blood actually bleeds black and gold. Or so the legend goes. In fact, Sandler actually played a former Steelers quarterback turned criminal in the film "The Longest Yard." Need further proof that he fully embraces the Steel Curtain? Didn't think so.

Snoop Dogg at a UCS Trojans game -- I guess you can call Snoop Dogg a USC Trojans fan, considering he's been seen rocking head to toe Trojan gear in the Rose Bowl parking lot on a few occasions. Honestly, I can't imagine there's a better celebrity tailgate partner out there than Snoop Dogg. Not only does Snoop know how to party, but his laidback and chill demeanor fits in perfectly to the tailgate atmosphere. Plus, there's always a chance that with Snoop in the mix you might not need to worry about playing DJ.

Other famous sports fans who you might see tailgating:

Matthew McConaughey – University of Texas
Ashley Judd – University of Kentucky
Bill Murray – Chicago Cubs
Kid Rock – Detroit Lions
MC Hammer – Oakland Raiders
Regis Philbin – University Notre Dame (Hey, you never know!)

Tom Lorenzo is a freelance sports, entertainment and pop culture writer from New York City. You can follow him on Twitter at @TomLorenzo .

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