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Family Of Alleged 'Madam' Hopes P.R. Campaign Will Help Spring Her From Jail

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) --  She's behind bars and begging for bail.

The family of the alleged "soccer mom madam" continues to hope a public relations campaign will help spring her from Rikers Island, CBS 2's Tony Aiello reported.

The one-two punch on behalf of accused madam Anna Gristina includes an Internet appeal for sympathy and cash, coupled with an exclusive television sit-down with "The Insider" by Gristina's husband.

Kelvin Gorr claimed his wife didn't run a brothel that took in millions.

Rather, he said she just allowed female friends to stay at their apartment on the East Side and occasionally set them up on dates with visiting businessmen.

"Maybe they're missing something from their wives," Gorr told Kevin Frazier, host of The Insider. "Just knowing very wealthy guys, and just saying, 'I have very pretty friends and why not get together' -- that's pretty much the gist of it."

"Kelvin says they're living off the generosity of friends and family. He does work but bills and money, it's very tight and has always been very tight," Frazier said, recounting the interview.

The financial situation has apparently become too tight to come up with $2 million bail to spring Gristina from jail.

Rikers Island has been her home since her arrest on a single count of promoting prostitution.

The online plea for bail donations has elicited less-than-positive reaction from New Yorkers.

"Better things to do with my money, I guess," said one person.

"That's just, that's crazy! That's ridiculous," said another.

"Ridiculous" is how Gristina's lawyer, Gary Greenwald, described what may be the highest bail ever in a prostitution case.

"There's a general sense of an injustice going here, that this bail is just outrageous, just outrageous," Greenwald said. "Coming up is Mother's Day which she has never missed. Her son is about to graduate from high school and she can't go to the graduation."

The District Attorney has insisted Gristina once fled New York to avoid the cops and that justifies the high bail.

On the website, Gristina's husband complained about nasty conditions at Rikers.

Thursday night, Gristina's lawyer said her current cell there is "adequate." On Wednesday night, Department of Correction officials also refuted the allegations about Gristina being subject to harsh conditions.

So what do you think about Gristina's family appealing for money?  Share your thoughts in the comments section...

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