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Eye On Cyber: How To Protect Your Home From Cyber Criminals

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) - We're living in the era of smart technology, but is your home too smart for its own good?

No longer do thieves need to lurk in the shadows outside your home. A high-tech home could become an invitation for cyber criminals to steal your belongings, as well as your privacy.

One potential risk is your wireless router. Cyber security expert Siobhan Gorman says it's important to change the administrative credentials, or passwords from the default setting to something personal so strangers cannot access your network.

Amazon Alexa could pose another possible danger. If someone hacks into the Amazon Echo, Google Home or other "smart assistant" devices, they may be able to access your purchase history or even make new purchases from accounts that are connected to these devices. So, if you have them, make sure you're diligent with security patches and updates.

Finally, a simple internet search will provide the ABC's to hacking a baby monitor that's connected to the internet. To prevent unauthorized access:

• Change the default credentials
• Keep up with any updates from the manufacturer
• Make sure you have a strong WiFi password for your home network.

You can have both convenience and security, but Gorman says you need to take the proper precautions with your smart technology so it's not used to outsmart you or your family.

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