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Experts sound off on when to get the second COVID vaccine booster shot

Medical expert says no reason to wait to get second COVID booster 01:58

HICKSVILLE, N.Y. - Some who are now eligible for the second booster are wondering if it's best to wait until the next surge. 

Medical experts tell CBS2's Jennifer McLogan it's a matter of personal judgement, but there's no reason to hesitate. 

Pedro Rodriguez stopped by his senator's office for free COVID test kits. Rodriguez is not yet 50, has no underlying health issues, and is thus not eligible for a second booster. 

"My parents - over 50. They're 80. I told them to do it. They did it," Rodriguez said. 

But experts worry a weary public, boosted more than four months ago, may skip the last shot. 

"I'm all for it, but a lot of people may be fatigued about it," said Uniondale resident Kareem Holman.

Dr. Daniel Varga on when to get a second vaccine booster shot, if eligible 07:52

LINK: More information on COVID vaccine booster shots

"I won't take it," said Kim Van Salen of Garden City. "Three vaccines are enough." 

Less than half of the fully vaccinated population in New York received their first booster shot, surprising some tourists from Belgium. 

"In Belgium, at a certain point, we were not allowed to do anything anymore unless you got the booster," said tourist Marco de Jaeck. 

But the BA.1 and BA.2 variants of Omicron are here, and even more contagious than the original strains says Dr. Aaron Glatt, chief of infectious diseases at Mount Sinai South Nassau. 

"The reason we are not seeing such devastation right now is only because people have natural immunity just from getting vaccinated and getting boosted," Glatt said. 

"I think it's important to get boosted and ask all our medical professionals for their advice," said Adelphi University student Gigi Tartici. 

What about the risk of getting a booster now, and therefore missing out on the full effects of some new and better COVID vaccine in the next four months?

"It's very likely but not guaranteed that we will have a multi-valant booster in the fall, meaning a different booster that contains more than one strain of the COVID virus that will be more effective," said Northwell Health Chief of Public Health/Epidemiology Dr. Bruce Farber. "But getting a second booster now will not make you ineligible for that in the fall." 

As the coronavirus continues its twists and turns. 


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