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Exclusive: NYC Hospital Sued For 'Scarring' Mistake

NEW YORK (CBS 2) -- A local woman is suing a hospital after she says she went for an injection – and days later watched the skin peel off both of her arms.

Maria Louis Jeune said she went to Coney Island Hospital in April of 2008 because she was feeling faint. She said she was given injections of potassium chloride – and it went very wrong.

There are still scars on her arms, and the photographs Maria took shortly after the incident are very graphic, reports CBS 2's Pablo Guzman.

"It really hurts, now it hurts, and it's like pins and needles from my arms," she said. "I got that scar for the rest of my life, and then I have the pain for the rest of my life."

Apparently, doctors missed her veins and the potassium chloride went into Maria's body instead, causing a horrible, painful reaction.

"Any IV fluid that you give – whether it's potassium or just simple saline solution – if it leaks out of the vein into the surrounding tissue, it can cause irritation and bruising," CBS 2's Dr. Holly Phillps said. "In more extreme cases, it can even cause wounds. This patient's wounds are very, very extreme and unusual."

Maria is in the process of suing Coney Island Hospital and New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation.

"By them missing the vein not once, but twice, in both arms – something like this should not happen," said Richard Mogg, Maria's lawyer.

The Health and Hospitals Corporation released the following statement: "The case…was heard today as part of the court's efforts to mediate malpractice cases. We will follow the judge's direction and continue to work toward a resolution."

Attempts at reaching a settlement on Wednesday fell through. A trial is set for Feb. 9.

Maria said she used to love to cook, but that the scarring on her arms won't let her do much of that anymore.

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