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7 people rescued from stuck Empire State Building elevator, FDNY says

FDNY crews rescue people trapped in Empire State Building elevator
FDNY crews rescue people trapped in Empire State Building elevator 01:47

NEW YORK -- Half a dozen people got trapped in an Empire State Building elevator Thursday night.

The whole ordeal started around 6 p.m. when the elevator got stuck on the 16th floor.

Seven adults were trapped about an hour and a half before crews were able to help them.

The FDNY says special units had to respond and get the people out through the roof of the elevator and onto a second elevator that brought them safely down to the lobby.

Battalion Chief Stephen Tanzosh explained the elaborate rescue.

"There's a top hatch to the elevator. So they open this top hatch, put a ladder down into it, and then they assist the people out of the elevator through that top hatch," he said. "They tie them off safely, and they're tied off as well. And then they bring them over to the car adjacent, bring them down into that top hatch. And then once they're in that elevator car, they bring them down to the lobby."

Fire officials say all seven people were evaluated by EMS once they reached the ground floor. No one was hurt.

The Empire State Building is one of the tallest buildings in New York City, and the elevators are used both by visitors heading to the roof deck, as well as businesses inside the building.  

It's not clear if the individuals were visitors or people who work in the building.

The Office of Emergency Management has requested an inspection of the elevator.

What caused the elevator to get stuck is not clear.

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