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22-Year-Old Man Accused Of Killing 7 People In New Jersey, Pennsylvania

ELIZABETH, N.J. (CBSNewYork) -- Union County officials have announced the arrest of a man who they believe is responsible for at least seven murders in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

In Elizabeth, New Jersey, investigators said 22-year-old Todd West fatally shot his cousin on May 18 and then went on a shooting spree on June 25, killing three people and critically injuring another, 1010 WINS' Rebecca Granet reported.

The investigation revealed a .38 caliber six-shot revolver was used in the June 25 shootings.

22-Year-Old Man Accused Of Killing 7 People In New Jersey, Pennsylvania

Surveillance cameras captured the shooting of Richard Marte on June 25, the victim who survived, CBS2's Christine Sloan reported.

Witnesses said West got out of a car, firing his weapons and striking Marte several times in the back.

On July 2, investigators were able to identify West through forensics and sent out an alert.

West was found days later in Pennsylvania, where he is currently in custody for the July 5 murders of two people in Allentown and one person in Easton, officials said.

22-Year-Old Man Accused Of Killing 7 People In New Jersey, Pennsylvania

"It is horrific and unprecedented," acting Union County Prosecutor Grace Park said. "I don't know how you would define a mass killer, all I would say is that we have never seen one individual commit this type of shooting spree, murder spree in such a short period of time here in this county."

The motive remains unclear. Some of the victims were targeted, others were random.

Park said she does not believe this was connected to any gang warfare, initiation or retaliation.

West's aunt told CBS2's Sloan the allegations are hard to understand.

"It's really hard for me to even digest it. He wasn't that kind of a person a couple of weeks ago," Clarissa Thomas said.

Thomas said her nephew was turning his life around, just getting his driver's license back.

Rafael Fronscca said he knows West and always thought he was a strange character.

"He was always, like moved weird. But he was more like to himself," he said.

Fronscca also knew two of the victims, including Dennis Vega.

"He had two daughters, he was a great father. He didn't mess with nobody, he usually just worked," he said.

It's what residents had to say about all of the victims, that their lives ended for no apparent reason, Sloan reported.

West, of Elizabeth, is being held without bail at a Lehigh County jail.

No court date has been set in Union County. The cumulative bail for the New Jersey murder and weapons charges is $5.5 million, Park said.

Officials believe the community in Elizabeth is safe, Park said.

The investigation continues.

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