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Eli Young Band Says 'Say Goodnight' Was 'A Different Kind Of Song For Us'

After achieving a Number One earlier this year with "Even If It Breaks Your Heart," the Eli Young Band is back on the charts with another single from their 2011 album Life At Best.

"Say Goodnight" is "one of the more ballad-ish songs on the record," the Eli Young Band's Mike Eli told CBS Local during a recent interview.

"We've released three singles from the record, and they're all totally different," echoes band member Jon Jones. "We've always tried to make records that have a cohesive sound to them, but you know you're listening to different songs."

Their first from Life At Best was "Crazy Girl," which won Song of the Year at the ACM Awards this year. Next up was "Even If It Breaks Your Heart," which in a previous interview the band described as a “selfish tune” that told their story about being a band for 12 years and "playing every show we could."

With "Say Goodnight," though, they've gone the route of a straight-up love song. It was written by John Paul White of the Civil Wars.

"We're songwriters and we love to write songs," says Mike, "but a great song is a great song. We heard one of [White's] versions that he had recorded and just loved it."

It's "kind of a sappy love song," says Jon -- the type of song that is "tough for the four of us to sit down and write." So, he says, "to hear it done really well compelled us to give it a shot. It was a different kind of song for us that we had never really attempted before."

So after 12 years together, the bandmembers don't look in each others' eyes and think 'sappy love song'?

"More like 'slappy love songs,'" says Mike.

"Say Goodnight" and Life At Best are available at iTunes and other retailers.

- Kurt Wolff, CBS Local

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