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Eli Manning On The Fan: I Still Have Confidence In My Ability

NEW YORK (WFAN) -- Eli Manning's season just continues to get worse.

In New York's loss to the Bears on Thursday night, the two-time Super Bowl MVP threw three more interceptions. He now leads the league with 15, at least six more than any other quarterback.

The veteran threw two picks in the first quarter, and then threw a crushing interception late in the fourth quarter with the Giants threatening to take the lead.

Eli Manning

The pass, intended for tight end Brandon Myers, was a bit high. It deflected off of Myers' hands and was grabbed by Bears cornerback Tim Jennings.

That sealed New York's fate.

Although the ball could have been caught, the 32-year-old took full blame when chatting with WFAN host Mike Francesa in his weekly spot on Friday.

"It's not one of those where ... it didn't have to be that tough," Manning told Francesa. "I expect better from myself ... It didn't have to be high. I could have put it right in his chest and made it a much easier catch than it had to be. That one is 100 percent on me, and I've got to make that throw. I've gotta be better than that."

The Giants are now 0-6 for the first time since 1976. But despite the fact that the team leader is playing well below his standards -- and has been for a month-and-a-half now -- he insists that he's still confident in his ability.

"I'm not (losing confidence)," the three-time Pro Bowler told Francesa. "You can't get gun-shy as a quarterback. It didn't affect me during the game ... Most of it is just decision-making. Making smart decisions, don't force things. I still feel like I can throw the ball well, and I thought we did a good job improvising and scrambling around, and moving in the pocket and making some throws."

Coming off a rare Thursday night game, the G-Men will have the weekend off before practicing on Monday. As hard as it might be, Manning is going to attempt to take the weekend to not think about football, instead clearing his mind and preparing to come back refreshed.

"I'm gonna try, I'm gonna try my best," Manning said. "We don't get many weekends off in this profession during the fall, and I think I've gotta try to take advantage of it. It would not be good for myself, for my family or my team if I dwell over this for the next four or five days ... I think I've gotta take advantage of a weekend off and try to enjoy it being with my family."

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