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New Jersey Girl Calls 911 After Touching 'Elf On The Shelf'

OLD BRIDGE, N.J. (CBSNewYork) -- Police responded to an unusual emergency call and saved Christmas for a young New Jersey girl.

Like many children her age, 7-year-old Isabelle LaPeruta spends December on her best behavior knowing her "Elf on the Shelf" is watching her every move.

She knows if you touch the elf he loses his Christmas magic, so when LaPeruta was playing in her house and accidentally knocked hers over, she panicked and dialed 911 thinking that the police could help her, WCBS 880's Kelly Waldron reported.

"She panicked thinking there's going to be no Christmas in her house," Old Bridge Police Lt. Joseph Mandola said.

As CBS2's Meg Baker explained, Isabelle watched the Elf on the Shelf movie and learned that the number one rule is that you can't tough the elf or he will lose his Christmas magic.

"I was nervous, I was very scared. I thought Santa wasn't going to come," she said.

After LaPeruta told the 911 operator her mother was sleeping and couldn't come to the phone, an officer was sent to the house to check on her.

"She thought she killed the elf and Santa would be upset and Santa wouldn't come," Lynanne LaPeruta said.

When the officer showed up at her door, the girl got even more frightened and started crying, Mandola said.

"Bawling her eyes out and very afraid of what was going to happen," Mandola said.

The officer quickly calmed her fears and told her that police have contacts with Santa and not to worry, Mandola said.

"Once we all read the report here -- all the secretaries and everybody in house -- it hit their heart and they all wanted to do something for the little girl," Mandola said.

So they used their connections and convinced Santa Claus to follow up with a personal visit to her house.

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