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Ed Koch's State Of City Video Cameo Turned Into Ringtone

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- The latest ringtone making the rounds may sound like something from MTV's reality show "Jersey Shore" but it's actually former Mayor Ed Koch.

"Hey! Welcome to my bridge!" Koch exclaims over a Lady Gaga beat.

The ringtone celebrates Koch's delight at the city's decision to rename the 59th Street Bridge in his honor.

Click Here To Download The Ringtone

The sound byte is extracted from Mayor Michael Bloomberg's State of the City video.

The video features Bloomberg hopping into a livery cab bound for Morris High School in the Bronx and busting a move in the backseat to a Lady Gaga tune.

Koch makes a cameo in the video as Bloomberg journeys through the city by graciously greeting everyone as they cross his bridge, while uttering his signature phrase "How am I doing?"

In case you missed it, here's the full video:

Mayor Bloomberg Rides Livery Cab to State of the City Address by mayorbloomberg on YouTube

Will you be downloading the ringtone? Let us know!

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