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Easy Summer Makeup Tips To Beat The Heat

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- Looking good in the summer isn't always easy, but celebrities seem to have it down.

According to CBS2's Jill Nicolini, there are some easy makeup tricks that can help you look ready for your close-up.

Celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Britney Spears and Cher have all used the technique of sandbagging. Celebrity makeup artist Ramy Gafni said it's actually an old technique that's resurfaced.

"Sandbagging is where you use loose powder under the eyes and around the mouth to prevent your makeup from moving," Gafni said.

For people who are tired of running lipliner and lipstick that bleeds, just start with a clean face, then apply concealer and your makeup as you normally would.

"So we take loose powder and you tape off the excess," Gafni explained. "Use a powder brush if you like. I have a smaller blush brush. It allows you more control as to where you are applying the powder."

Apply the powder under the eyes, above and below the lip, and then blend.

"You can use a sponge or you can use a brush," Gafni said. "When someone like Kim Kardashian is showing this on social media, it's for dramatic effect. They put on a lot more powder than they usually use."

Tripled mill fine powder works best, but how can you keep shine-free during the summer?

"Use a matting lotion," Gafni said. "It's a moisturizing, but it's mattifying. It keeps you from being shiny for eight to 10 hours."

Once you put your skincare products in the refrigerator, they must remain there indefinitely, as it even helps the products last longer.


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