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Seen At 11: Drink Your Way To Looking And Feeling Younger

NEW YORK(CBSNewYork) -- The latest beauty trend doesn't involve lasers or injections or anything that you put on your skin.

As CBS2's Kristine Johnson reported, the new secret to help you look and feel younger is simply to drink.

The shelves in a West Village beauty shop are filled with alluring products, ingredients for special potions that you drink.

Hilary Pearlson said an exotic brew made a noticeable difference in how she looks.

"Clear skin, definite strength in my hair and my nails," she explained.

Owners Kerrilyn Palmer and Cindy di Prima said their customers are thirsty for drinkable beauty concoctions.

"We're seeing massive momentum with it. It's our biggest category," Palmer said.

There is ingestible collagen that aids in cell turnover, and familiar products like coconut butter and others like buckthorn berries, all said to bring out that inner glow.

"Topical products for the skin really have limited absorption because the skin's main function is to be a barrier. So, ingestible beauty is something that can really work," Dr. Michelle Yagoda, facial plastic surgeon, said.

Dr. Yagoda is a plastic surgeon who helped to develop a beauty drink that includes ingredients like biotin, zinc, and copper that can enhance the appearance of hair, skin, and nails.

"It's such an easy process and I'm seeing the results," Michelle Baranello said.

Baranello drinks it every day and said it has done more than just improve how she looks.

"It actually does something to your psyche. You know I'm feeling younger, feeling great about how I'm looking," she said.

Nutritionist Nicolette Pace agreed that drinks containing vitamins and other ingredients can bring a vital beauty boost.

"Nutrition is the cornerstone to helping us maintain a youthful appearance," she said.

She said it's simple for anyone to get started.

"Something like tomatoes and some of the foods that contain caratinoids, taking those on a regular basis will improve your skin complexion in as little as 30 days," she explained.

Green tea is another accessible, proven beauty enhancer, and of course make sure you consult with your doctor before you start taking any new herbs or supplements.


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