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Dramatic Video Shows NJ Transit Police Officers Revive Unresponsive Newborn At Newark Penn Station

NEWARK (CBSNewYork) - A dramatic rescue of a newborn baby was caught on video in Newark.

NJ Transit Police released body camera footage of the incident, which took place at 10 a.m. Tuesday at Newark Penn Station.

According to officials, NJ Transit Police Officers Bryan Richards and Alberto Nunes came upon a mother cradling her unresponsive newborn in her arms in a bathroom stall.

The child was turning grey.

"Did you just give birth?" one of the officers asked the mother, before taking the baby and rushing it to a sink.

Officer Richards, an EMT for more than a decade, immediately started chest compressions and called for EMS, but realizing the severity of the situation, decided to drive to the hospital in their patrol car right away.

Body camera footage shows Richards cradling the baby while performing chest compressions.

Richards continued CPR as Nunes drove them to University Hospital.

Finally, the video shows the baby making a noise, and starting to breathe while they were on the way. Richards continued his chest compressions the entire time.

The officers made it to the hospital in less than four minutes and rushed her inside.

She was breathing and stable.

"On the way, it's already high stress, high adrenaline. But, once I heard the baby crying, it was a very big sigh of relief," said Officer Richards. "... a happy moment that the baby was crying and everything we were doing was working."

"I was more happy and excited that the baby was breathing and that we were able to get the baby safe to the hospital," said Officer Nunes.

Richards and Nunes have been working together for three years.

Both are fathers, which made the rescue even more personal.

"I have a 7-month-old, so having a newborn at home kind of brings it a little bit deeper," said Richards.

"When I heard the baby crying and I knew it was breathing, it was a great relief because I have kids of my own, also," said Nunes.

The baby girl is now doing well at the hospital, police said.

No details were released about the baby's mother, but the officers said they hope to one day meet the child they saved.

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