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FORE! Homeowners At Odds With NYC Parks Department Over Mishit Golf Balls From Nearby Course

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- You could call it a home hazard along a Queens golf course.

Golf balls are flying out of control, causing thousands of dollars in property damage.

Homeowners say it's an easy fix, but the city hasn't gotten it done, CBS2's Reena Roy reported Tuesday.

Cracked windows, shattered windshields and dented cars ... again and again.

The culprits? Golf balls.

Golf balls hit home
Residents in Queens are not happy about their house being bombarded by golf balls from nearby Douglaston Golf Course. (Photo: CBS2)

Dozens were scattered all over Raymond Hublall's home on Commonwealth Boulevard in Little Neck, because right across the street is Douglaston Golf Course.

"From 2010 to now I've spent approximately $5,000," Hublall said.

His neighbors have seen similar damage. The situation is not just proving to be expensive, it's also dangerous. Hublall said one errant shot injured his niece.

"She was walking in from roadway walking into my front door and she got hit by the golf ball," Hublall said.

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Just to give you an idea of how many golf balls end up on some of these properties, Hublall produced a box filled with them. He said he collected all of them in just a couple of months.

Back in 2014, neighbors complained to local leaders and got netting installed. The only problem is it doesn't protect the 18th hole.

"There's a gap in there, so the balls are still coming in there. And that was the majority of balls coming in there. So they did not fixed the problem," Hublall said.

So CBS2's Roy tried to ask the golf course why.

"That's an ongoing problem for years," one worker acknowledged.

The worker then referred CBS2 to the New York City Parks Department, which owns the property. An agency spokesperson simply said it doesn't have the money to further fix the matter, but will continue working with Douglaston to address concerns.

Meanwhile, Hublall just continues to keep score in this seemingly endless game with the city.

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