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Doomsday On The Way, Staten Island Resident Says

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – New Yorkers only have a week left to live, according to advertisements plastered all over the city's bus kiosks and subway cars.

"The Bible reveals Judgment Day will begin on May 21," said Robert Fitzpatrick, the man behind the ads.

Fitzpatrick insists he has cracked the "Doomsday Code" hidden in the Bible.

"This isn't just some vague scripture that could be interpreted one way or another," he said. "This is solid, mathematical proof."

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Fitzpatrick, a retired MTA engineer and author of "The Doomsday Code," said the Earth will be destroyed by a global earthquake on his version of Doomsday. Only God knows who will be saved and that the church alone can't save you, he added.

"People who are saved will be caught up in heaven to be with the lord," the Staten Island resident said. "We should be crying for mercy, not trying to live it up."

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The only thing he recommends is to pray for forgiveness.

"The destruction is definitely coming," Fitzpatrick said. "If we ask him [god] for mercy, maybe he'll be merciful to us."

Fitzpatrick spent his life savings on advertisements, including print ads and posters — about $140,000 — so he could spread the word.

"There won't be any need for any money. There won't be any electricity. There won't be any water. It will be terrible. It will be hell on earth."

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