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Domino's Unveils New Pizza Delivery Robot 'DRU'

AUSTRALIA (CBSNewYork) -- Pizza delivered by a robot? It may seem out of this world, but for one pizza company, the idea may be closer to reality than ever.

Meet 'DRU,' Domino's first-ever automated pizza delivery bot that brings your pizza order directly to your door. Domino's unveiled DRU (short for Domino's Robotic Unit) in several countries across the globe earlier this week, including Australia, Belguim, France, the Netherlands, German, Japan and New Zealand.

The project is a collaborative effort from Domino's and Australia-based robotic company Marathon Targets, which created the first autonomous robotics for the Australian defense force in the late 2000s.

Credit: YouTube/Dominos)

Forbes reports that DRU is made from water-tight, weather-proof acrylic plastic, with an aluminum and mild steer interior. The robot implements light sensors to help navigate through the streets -- similar to the technology used by self-driving cars.

Domino's says the robot is still in prototype, but with this unveiling, the race is on to be the first on the food delivery market with this type of innovation.

According to a video posted on Domino's YouTube channel, DRU is expected to launch globally in March 2017.

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