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Dolan Promotes Church Alternatives To Abortion, Pushes Back Against Cuomo's Reproductive Health Act

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) - A clash about abortion continues to roil senior leaders of church and state in New York, escalating on social media in the wake of new health care legislation.

New York Timothy Cardinal Dolan held a press conference Monday to reaffirm the archdiocese's "commitment to helping pregnant women in need" while remaining opposed to abortion amid Gov. Andrew Cuomo's backing of the state's Reproductive Health Act.

"It sometimes seems as if each day brings with it a further attack on the rights and dignity of all human life, especially the life of the most innocent and powerless among us, the baby waiting to be born," said Dolan. "But our purpose this morning is not to debate politics or legislation, we've done enough of that. Words are not enough, Jesus tells us action speaks louder than words."

Timothy Cardinal Dolan Holds News Conference Feb. 18, 2019

Dolan was joined by other church leaders to highlight services offered through Catholic agencies to pregnant mothers seeking aid and support beyond the options under the state's new Reproductive Health Act.

"As I wrote two weeks ago in my letter to the people of the archdiocese, no matter the hurt, the frustration or even the anger we may feel at the passage of the recent abortion expansion bill, we should not respond with bitterness and diverseness, but put our faith and trust in the Lord and reach out with love to troubled moms and their expected babies," said Dolan.

"Wouldn't it be great to offer alternatives to the horrors of abortion," he said.

The two sparred across media earlier this month, with Dolan saying Cuomo linked him to the so-called "religious right" for his pro-life beliefs.

The tweet was in response to an op-ed by the governor in the New York Times, where he defended the Reproductive Health Act. Cuomo said, "my religion cannot demand favoritism as I execute my public duties."

The article began with Cuomo taking President Trump to task for his position on abortion.

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