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Dogs Making NYC Park A Hazard Zone For Squirrels?

NEW YORK (1010 WINS) -- Dogs are allowed to run free at an enclosure at Washington Square Park, but some chess players said a woman was letting her two large dogs off the leash in other areas of the park where they've been viciously attacking squirrels.

"The dogs came from over here. They jumped this fence, this fence, grabbed the squirrel, killed the squirrel, was taking the squirrel back to her," one player said. "Twice I've seen dogs kill squirrels. German shepherds."

LISTEN: 1010 WINS' Kathleen Maloney reports.


A parks worker named Jose said he saw the woman and her dogs, but didn't know they were killing the furry creatures. "I mean I don't like it. I feed the squirrels. I love the squirrels. They're my pals."

Jose said dogs were only allowed to run free in an enclosed "dog run."

"She said that her dogs can't go over there. She don't let her dogs go over there," Jose said. When 1010 WINS' Kathleen Maloney asked why, he answered, "I guess her dogs are mean or bad or whatever the case may be, don't get along with the other dogs.

He said he will be watching more closely from now on for unleashed dogs and will advise his coworkers to do the same.

Another park visitor was astonished at the situation. "They must be very fast dogs because those squirrels are awfully fast."

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