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Wyckoff Cop Investigating Break-In Goes To Wrong House, Shoots, Kills Dog

WYCKOFF, N.J. (CBSNewYork) -- A police officer investigating a report of a burglary in New Jersey went to the wrong address and shot and killed a dog that he claimed lunged at him.

Wyckoff police received a report of a possible break-in at 621 Lawlins Road on Wednesday.

Police Chief Benjamin Fox said that Officer Kyle Ferreira instead went to 622 Lawlins by mistake.

Police: Wyckoff Officer Investigating Burglary Report Kills Dog At Wrong Address
5-year-old German shepherd named Otto, mistakenly killed by police in New Jersey. (credit: Handout)

No one answered at the front door, so the patrolman went around the back, entered through an unlocked gate and spotted an open window, Fox told CBS2's Andrea Grymes.

Thinking he found a possible point of entry, the officer drew his revolver and approached, Fox said. Then a growling German shepherd lunged out the window, bit the officer's foot and latched onto his boot, Fox said.

The officer fired his gun four times, striking the dog twice, Fox said.

The 5-year-old dog, named Otto, later died.

"The whole situation is very sad and very unfortunate," Fox said.

"We loved him so, so much," Zana Vukobratovic, Otto's owner, said, crying. "He was my best friend," said Igor Vukobratovic.

"They always call him 'Gentleman' because he was such a nice dog."

The family, who was not home at the time of the incident, said they left the window open for Otto to come in and out of their gated yard. They admit their pet was a guard dog, but don't believe he would've bitten the officer.

"What can you tell me? 'Oh, we killed your dog. Sorry, we went to the wrong house,'" said Igor Vukobratovic. "They couldn't do anything else besides shooting my dog?"

Neighbors said Otto was not violent. "If the town cannot get this straight on a simple call to the house, how can they handle an emergency when something really occurs," said neighbor Chip Tamer.

Police say they are continuing to investigate and talk to neighbors who may have seen what happened.

Fox said the officer is physically OK but distraught about what happened. He is still on active duty.


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