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Dog rescued after getting head stuck in tire rim

Volunteer firefighters in N.J. rescue dog stuck in tire rim
Volunteer firefighters in N.J. rescue dog stuck in tire rim 01:27

FRANKLINVILLE, N.J. - A curious dog in New Jersey got into a predicament when she got her head stuck in a tire rim. 

Curiosity got the best of Daisy the yellow lab when she stuck her head through the tire rim in her family's backyard in Franklinville, New Jersey. 

"Tried moving it, thought it would just be easy and slide right out. Obviously she got her head in there. Nothing would work," Daisy's owner Austin Delano said. 

Delano called the volunteer fire department for help. 

"We tried using Dawn dish detergent with water. We tried to just slide her head back out," Assistant Chief Joe Szwed said. 

When that didn't work, firefighters loaded Daisy into a wagon and took her to Lt. Brandon Volpe's garage. Volpe used his own personal plasma cutters to cut the rim as the others surrounded Daisy with a tarp to shield her from flying sparks.

"The main concern was making sure that she wouldn't get burned because it does throw sparks and everything, so making sure she was covered," Volpe said. 

"It was a race against time. Her eyes were turning red. She was gasping for air a little bit," Szwed said. 

Minutes later, Daisy was free, unscathed by her adventure.

"She's perfectly fine, like nothing happened," Delano said. 

Daisy has happily accepted her new role as the fire company's new mascot. 

Daisy's owner says he is now considering joining the Franklinville Volunteer Fire Company. 

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