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Doctor's advice to avoid neck and back injuries this winter

Stretches to help avoid winter injuries
Stretches to help avoid winter injuries 05:24

NEW YORK -- Doctors often see an uptick in certain injuries during the winter, including some that may surprise you. 

CBS2's Cindy Hsu recently sat down with sports chiropractor Dr. Chris Cueto, with Herald Square Chiropractic and Sport, to talk about some of the most common injuries in the winter time. 

He spoke about what causes these injuries, and shared some easy exercises to help deal with them.

"We see a lot of neck issues, shoulder issues, upper back and, of course, lower back issues," Dr. Cueto explained. "Why is that? Because during the winter time, we're wearing heavy coats, heavy jackets, we're carrying our backpacks around a lot more, we're putting up a lot of things, like fixing up the tree and decorations, carrying a lot of shopping bags and so forth."

Watch his full interview above for more advice. 

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