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Seen At 11: DNA Test Measures Couple Compatibility

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork)-- When it comes to relationships, there's no perfect formula to tell if that certain someone is Mr. or Ms. Right, until now.

There might be some real science behind the chemistry of love with DNA matchmaking.

CBS2's Kristine Johnson spoke to two couples, one who has been together happily for decades and another newly engaged couple.

"We knew fairly early we had something special," Chelsea Fehringer said.

Chelsea and Brian Hudson were introduced through friends.

Max and Donna Feuchter met in high school and married seven years later. It was 32 years in July for the couple.

What makes these couples work, and what makes any couple work?

There may be a scientific answer. DNA testing companies claim they can tell you how compatible you are with your mate. It's as simple as putting some saliva into a test tube and sending it to be analyzed.

"If this comes back as incompatible, the wedding's off," Brian joked. "It's not funny."

He's kidding of course, but that little bit of spit holds a ton of information.

The test can measure things like serotonin, dopamine and oxytocin. They can be indicators of how you might react to emotional situations, if you're impulsive, and your ability to deal with stress.

But some experts say it's still that basic romantic connection that makes couples work.

"A lot of people have to have common interests. You have to have compatibility in your personalities, so I think it goes much more than DNA testing," Jeanette Frazier said.

In these cases though, the results brought good news for the couples.

"That's probably why we've been together for so long," Donna Feuchter said.

And for Chelsea and Brian, the wedding is on.

"He wants to frame the 77 compatible (certificate that we got)," Chelsea said.

Some of the DNA testing sites offer dating services to find and then set you up with your supposed perfect match. Prices for DNA couples analysis starts at about $149.


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