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District Voters Don't Sugarcoat It: They Want Weiner Out

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- Congressman Anthony Weiner's district encompasses a huge part of Brooklyn and Queens. Several of the city's iconic neighborhoods are inside his district.

CBS 2's Pablo Guzman went to each borough on Tuesday and found voters are not happy about the "Weiner-gate" scandal.

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"He should go, absolutely. Absolutely. He don't belong in public office," one woman from Woodhaven said.

Over in Howard Beach, Brooklyn, Gail Gisehaltz said, "We all believed in him. And if a man can lie to his wife -- he can lie to the political public also."

In Sheepshead Bay it was more of the same.

"For a smart guy, he acted very stupidly. Morally: just immoral. And politically, because, once they found out -- how could he hide it?" Albert Berkowitz said.

Then there was one man in Rego Park.

"He should go! He should definitely go! There's now way! I mean, he's a public figure; he's not a private figure," Art Dolega said.

As a barometer of Weiner's political stock, such reaction was not good. Over in Forest Hills, the opinions were no better.

"I don't think they should give him a chance. He should resign. And make himself look, a little better," Peter Igartua said. "I think he should go 'cause it's bad what he did.

In Howard Beach, they got right to the point.

"My opinion is, he's a man who we used to trust. I no longer trust him," Barbara Shultz said.

Guzman actually went to two Brooklyn and two Queens neighborhoods in Weiner's district. It wasn't a scientific survey, but he found that in three of the four neighborhoods -- Howard Beach, Sheepshead Bay, and Woodhaven -- they want him out. In Rego Park, though, opinion was tilted more his way.

"He's still a good congressman. I always had good feelings about him," said Eva Rothman, who added when asked if she'd vote for Weiner again, "Yeah I would. Maybe not for mayor."

Despite all this, a poll released Tuesday found that about half of New York City voters think Weiner should hang onto his congressional seat. But most say they want him to stay out of the race to succeed Mayor Michael Bloomberg in 2013.

The Marist Poll found 51 percent said Weiner should remain in Congress, while 30 percent said he should step down, and 18 percent said they weren't sure. But 56 percent said Weiner should not run for mayor, while 25 percent said he should. Nineteen percent said they were unsure.

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