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Customers On A Budget Can Score Massive Discounts On Recycled Kitchens

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) --  Imagine having a high-end luxury kitchen with two of everything for up to 90 percent off.

You can, if you're interested in a recycled kitchen.

Jonathan and Barbara Pessolano have a budget for their new kitchen and high-end taste, a tough combination.

"I looked for discounts and somehow I found something that said 'Miele dishwasher $300' and I clicked the link," Jonathan told CBS2's Emily Smith.

That's when he found 'Green Demolitions' a 43,000-square foot warehouse filled with high-end luxury furniture, in Fairfield, New Jersey. You can buy an entire kitchen for up to 90 percent off.

"I wasn't really getting it at first, the fact that you could buy an entire kitchen, the whole kitchen, in one swoop," he said.

Founder Steve Feldman explained how the business works.

"This kitchen came from England. This is a custom pine kitchen, inset doors, all solid wood. This kitchen would be $200,000 new. Now you can get it for under $9,000. It's 10 years old," he said.

The furniture is all gently used and recycled.

"We get a phone call from an architect, or agent saying 'my client is renovating a home.' We talk to them about saving on full tax deduction and they'll get free removal and packing worth $5,000," he said.

The kitchen then gets transported to the warehouse and ultimately delivered to the new homeowner.

Feldman said he started the luxury kitchen recycling business based on something he once saw.

"I saw the Queen's mansion being demolished. It was a 10,000-square-foot mansion in Greenwich, Connecticut. Why not earn money in a bad economy?" he said.

Christine Gilhooley, Director of Luxury Goods said some of the products have never been used, and still have the plastic on them.

"This refrigerator is over $10,000. We sold it for $42,000," she said.

A white cherry kitchen taken from an apartment on 5th Ave, has name brand appliances like a Thermador oven and a sub zero refrigerator.

Most of the kitchens so far come from multimillionaires. Feldman said it's no secret that the super wealthy can be known to demolish a barely used home to match their own tastes. He's even had several celebrity kitchens.

"Eddie Falco from The Sopranos; New York Giants -- we've had Victor Cruz; Kevin Jonas of the Jonas Brothers," he said.

The Pessalanos ended up with a kitchen that included cabinets, lighting, seven pieces of granite, a huge island, two dishwashers, warming drawers, and a giant viking refrigerator for $11,000.

The total value would have been at least $60,000.

Had the couple not found the used luxury market, they would be settling for far less than their dream kitchen.

The company does 10 to 12 removals a week.


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