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Director Steven Spielberg's Sister On Edge After Coyote Seen Lurking In Bronx Backyard

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- Director Steven Spielberg took on "Jaws," but his sister is dealing with a different danger in the Bronx.

On Thursday, Nancy Spielberg got a frantic call from her housekeeper about a coyote lurking in the backyard of her Palisade Avenue home in Riverdale.

They pulled out their cellphones to capture the creature.

"He stood watching us in the kitchen for about 40 minutes and he would snap at birds. He was trying to catch birds as they flew by to eat," Spielberg told CBS2's Meg Baker on Friday.

Spielberg said she won't be letting Rambo, her 3-year-old poodle, outside without a leash until the coyote is caught.

"I hadn't seen coyotes here for a couple years and what I saw were sort of scrawny. We had pups once across the street in the woods and we dealt with it, but we weren't comfortable. But this guy seemed a little more menacing, he lurked in the backyard," she said. "I knew he was hungry and, you know, I got a little guy."

By the time animal control arrived at the scene the coyote had made a run for it.

"As a human I also don't feel safe because he was pretty big, you know? Usually when they're small I think they're more timid but he didn't seem timid," Spielberg said.

Neighbors said Riverdale is just where the city meets the wilderness so animals like raccoons, coyotes, and even red-tailed fox are not uncommon.

Riverdale resident Alan Wherry said as long as you don't bother the coyote, it won't bother you.

"I saw one waking down Independence Avenue. I was driving my truck and it came down the middle of the road and it didn't get out of my way. I had to get out of its way," Wherry said.

The Parks Department said three more coyotes have been spotted in other New York City boroughs over the past few months.

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