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New art installation features dinosaurs running wild on Park Avenue

New art installation turning heads on Park Avenue 02:22

NEW YORK -- For more than 50 years, "Art in the Parks" has made New York City one of the country's largest open air galleries, and a new installation is turning heads on Park Avenue.

"Rexor the T. rex" is just one of the oddly shaped animals dotting one of the ritziest avenues in the city.

"They're like really nice to look at because everywhere you look, like, at a different angle, it changes the shape of it a little bit," one woman said.

It's an installation sponsored by the Patrons of Park Avenue, highlighting the work of French-Tunisian artist Idriss B.

"People walk by, they don't even blink, right? Like this is normal. But I love it. We need that," one man said.

"I already took three pictures to send to my daughter in San Francisco, you know, just to see what she's missing," another man said.

What she's missing is everything from "Manny the Mammoth," to "Dundee the Crocodile," to the star of the show, Rexor.

"Well, you know, it's for my nephew. He's 5, so he thinks it's amazing. I'm gonna tell him it's chasing me down Park Avenue," said one woman who was taking pictures.

It's also adding to the culture-rich environment for true art aficionados.

"It's like a metaphor for the vitality in the spirit, you know? You got your teeth bared. You're ready to conquer the world," one man said.

"I think it symbolizes love because it's, first of all, it's red, as we all know, the color of love. As, like, scary as it may seem at first, it's like coming at you, at the same time it's like, gives you a warm feeling, you know?" one woman said.

"That's deep. I usually wouldn't associated a T. rex with love. Especially one bearing in its teeth," Overmyer said.

"Exactly. I mean, me either, but like, I feel like, just looking at this, it's just beautiful," the woman said.

The sculptures are currently on display on Park Avenue South between 34th and 38th streets.

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