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Did Hank Jr. Just Put His Foot In His Mouth Again?

Step aside, Eric Church, there's a new Rolling Stone interview that's buzzing around the music world this week.

The subject in question this time is Hank Williams, Jr.--a guy who's not known for being shy or willing (able?) to sidestep controversy.

Hank's dislike of President Obama is already widely known--witness his song "McCain-Palin Tradition" from the 2008 campaign, his comments last year comparing Obama to Hitler, and his recent single "Keep the Change" (which appears on his brand-new album, Old School, New Rules, released this week).

In an interview with Patrick Doyle for Rolling Stone that was published this week, Hank proves he's still on fire and plenty ticked off about the current administration.

"The guy is the worst," he says of President Obama. "Giveaway programs, hates America in the first place, forget about the flag. [Imitates Obama] 'That's one of those big rich fat cats that makes $35,000 a year,' you know what I mean? Oh yeah."

Wait a minute, the President of the United States hates America? Doyle asks him why he thinks this is true, and Hank's response isn't exactly direct--but at the same time, it's clear where he stands. "Oh, you know I don't know," Hank replies. "I don't know about that but it's kind of obvious. I guess when you take a tour, a world tour, to apologize for America. He did that, you know?"

"Keep The Change" - Hank Jr. by Hank Williams, Jr. on YouTube

Doyle also points out Hank's lyric in "Keep the Change" where he sings, "I will keep my Christian name and you all can keep the change." "What did you mean by that?" Doyle asks. "You know," says Hank, "we've got a President that does a call to the Koran or Mecca or whatever. That's what I meant. That's exactly what I meant. I won't be changing my name to whatever. That's exactly what I meant."

But Hank's ire isn't pointed in just one direction--while he does duck a question about how really feels about Mitt Romney ("Oh, I'm just not going to do that"), he's got plenty to say about Fox and Friends, the TV show on which, last year, he famously compared Obama to Hitler, and ESPN, which cancelled his Monday Night Football contract in the wake of that comment. "Mickey Mouse and ESPN might have done me the biggest favor in the world," he says, as the success of the song that resulted from that experience--"Keep the Change"--has "snowballed."

OK, we won't spoil the whole show for you--go ahead and read the full interview for yourself.

Hank Williams Jr.'s new album, Old School, New Rules, was released this week.

And if you'd rather have your Hank without the political rants, then check out the new lyric video for his new song "Old School," premiering over at Metrolyrics.

- Kurt Wolff, CBS Local

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