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Study: Poorly Maintained Roads Costs NY, NJ Drivers $2,800 A Year

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) - Poorly maintained roads add up to more than just traffic headaches.

A new report finds they cost drivers in our area an average of $2,800 a year.

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Part of that $2,800 is spent at car mechanics, reported CBS2's Aundrea Cline-Thomas.

Drivers consider it a necessary evil to get to work, but traffic backups and potholes are an all-too familiar site in our area.

"It takes a toll on your vehicle too. Cause one time one of my tires blew out from hitting a pothole," said motorist Mark Vega.

The cost of wear and tear adds up. A new report from TRIP - a national transportation research group - found drivers in the New York City area spend nearly $2,800 a year. It's more money spent on car repairs, wasted gas by sitting in traffic and being late for work, all because the roads are so bad.

"It's distressing to see that here in the metro area 2/3 of pavements are in poor condition," said Carolyn Bonifas Kelly of TRIP. "That means two out of every three miles you're driving on you're hitting potholes, you're hitting rough roads."

The larger concern is that the deteriorating infrastructure could keep more jobs from coming to the area.

Experts say the solution is more transportation funding from the state and federal government.

"A lot of people are reliant on using their vehicles, regardless of the conditions on the road. Mass transit, especially in this area of Westchester county is not where it needs to be," said motorist James Accordino.

In the meantime, drivers have no choice but to endure it.

Experts say increasing the gas tax or tolls could be ways to get more money, Cline-Thomas reported.

They're hoping a change in leadership in Albany and Washington helps to get more funding.

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