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Deputy Uses Taser After Aggressive Cow Attacks Woman

HOLBROOK, Ariz (CBS Local) -- What would you do if an aggressive, large black cow went on a rampage in your town? That's the frightening scenario a sheriff's deputy in northeastern Arizona recently faced.

Navajo County Sheriff's officials say a woman called for help last Friday, claiming she was pinned on the ground in a field by a large black cow that was continually pressing her if she made movements or attempts to get away.

Deputy Vincent Palozzolo arrived on the scene and made several attempts get the cow away from the woman by yelling and waving his arms. He then tried to scare the cow with the noise of a taser, but it would have none of it.

Palozzolo finally used the stun gun on the cow. Only then did it turn its attention to the deputy, which allowed the woman to get out of from harm's way. The cow then charged at Palozzolo, striking him in the chest and forcing him to the ground.

Palozzolo said he tased the cow on the head until it ran away from the area.

Paramedics examined both people, but they refused further medical attention. Sheriff's officials said Palozzolo's ballistic vest helped protect him from serious injury.

The incident occurred around 9 p.m. Friday in the Antelope Valley area about 10 miles north of Heber.

It's believed the barking of the woman's dog may have provoked the cow, Chief Deputy Randy Moffitt said, but it is not clear why she was in the field at that time of night.

Sheriff Kelly "KC" Clark stated he "is grateful that the citizen and the deputy were not seriously hurt," adding that "recently there has been a lot of weird cow activity in Navajo County."

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